Not being able to sleep well takes a toll on your entire life. Therefore, it becomes hard to determine if your sleep problem causes other issues in your life, or if the other issues cause your sleep problems. This cycle spins you into an unhealthy lifestyle you don’t enjoy. To get your life back and start sleeping normally, you need a Huntington Beach sleeping disorders therapy psychiatrist.

How a Huntington Beach Sleeping Disorders Therapy Psychiatrist Helps YouHuntington Beach sleeping disorders therapy and an Orange County sleeping disorders therapy psychiatrist

Visiting a Huntington Beach sleeping disorders therapy psychiatrist provides you with the answers you need for sleep improvement. These answers start with why you don’t sleep well, in addition to helping you understand how much this affects you.

Without this therapy from a Huntington Beach sleeping disorders therapy psychiatrist, you suffer in many ways. Specifically, chronically bad sleep deprives you of a basic need for good health and happiness. This leads to difficult behaviors you cannot end without therapeutic help.

For example, some effects of poor sleep include:

  • Constant exhaustion
  • Irritability, moodiness, and temper
  • Concentration loss, memory loss, and hallucinations
  • Lost coordination
  • Relationship, school, and work problems
  • Lost appetite or binge eating

The good news is that a Huntington Beach sleeping disorders therapy psychiatrist can help you get back to better sleep. Moreover, this often happens without medications and through the adoption of healthier habits.

Therapies for Sleeping Improvements

Among the therapies for sleep problems is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). In fact, CBT helps you understand negative thoughts and beliefs and how those change your behaviors. Other therapies, such as EMDR, individual counseling, psychotherapy, group therapy, and family therapy may help you, too. At the same time, sleep hygiene creates better bedtime habits for a healthier routine.

Sleep hygiene establishes regular times for sleep, so you have between seven and nine hours of rest each night. However, you review your stimulant use, too. By removing caffeine and other energy-inducing drinks, foods, or medications near bedtime, your brain is not kept awake and active.

Creating a pattern of regular exercise also helps you sleep better. Near bedtime, you need to stop using blue light electronics, such as the television, video games, computer, or handheld devices. This blue light is proven to disrupt healthy sleep by delaying the time you naturally fall asleep. Furthermore, devices like blue light alarm clocks cause problems getting to sleep or going back to sleep after waking in the night.

Besides your sleep patterns and environment, your therapist helps you find other areas of your life that affect your sleep. Good examples are your diet and stress level.

Frequently, sleep problems root in past events. Therefore, you may suffer trauma or other problems that now affect your ability to sleep. Only through therapy for the underlying conditions, like trauma, can your sleep problems end. However, it can resolve through the help of a Huntington Beach sleeping disorders therapy psychiatrist.

Role of Co-Occurring Conditions in Sleep

Many co-occurring conditions of sleep problems exist. These include trauma, as said before. For example, PTSD, substance abuse, eating disorders, mental illnesses, and other conditions occur along with sleeplessness. Sleep issues often begin as a symptom of bigger problems.

This may sound scary. However, with the right therapy, your co-occurring conditions improve. Your depression, anxiety, PTSD, substance abuse, eating problems, stress or anger can heal, helping your sleep to normalize, too. A Huntington Beach dual diagnosis therapy clinic helps you achieve your goals for good health and wellness.

Sleep Disorder Therapy in Huntington Beach

In Huntington Beach, California, you gain hope for better sleep through Huntington Beach Psychiatry. In fact, Huntington Beach Psychiatry provides a wide range of therapy services for people of all ages and a wide range of psychiatric disorders. For example, therapy services include:

Through flexible appointments and short wait times, you start your therapy at Huntington Beach Psychiatry quickly, toward a quick resolution of your sleep problems. Call Huntington Beach Psychiatry now at 866-334-6286 to get to the root of your sleeping problems for better days ahead.