Life slows down during the winter months for most people. In response to shorter days and colder weather, people tend to stay inside. For example, some sit in front of the television longer, while others hide under the covers. It can become easy to brush off such behavior as winter blues. However, it may be a sign to see a Huntington Beach seasonal affective disorder therapy psychiatrist.

Understanding Seasonal Affective DisorderHuntington Beach seasonal affective disorder therapy and Orange County seasonal affective disorder therapy psychiatrist

Feeling a little melancholy is normal when seasons change. Going from bright sunny days to dreary cold ones can make anyone feel sluggish. However, it is when symptoms disrupt their lives that something more serious occurs. Also known as SAD, seasonal affective disorder is a form of debilitating depression.

Specifically, some people have major changes in how they eat or sleep. They begin to withdraw socially and no longer find pleasure in fun activities. Therefore, when such changes in behavior occur for many days, it’s time to seek help from a professional.

There is some misconception that seasonal affective disorder is simply a lighter version of depression. In fact, this is a subtype of major depression that manifests at a particular time of the year. Waiting for symptoms to pass may cause a person to manage their symptoms with unhealthy means.

Symptoms That Seeing a Huntington Beach Seasonal Affective Disorder Therapy Psychiatrist is Appropriate

Symptoms of a seasonal affective disorder are usually consistent with the ones that occur with depression. This can make it difficult to diagnose the disorder. However, there are some distinct symptoms with SAD that don’t appear in other forms of depression. These symptoms include increased appetite, weight gain, craving for carbohydrate foods and excessive sleepiness.

Two consecutive occurrences that begin and end at the same time each year might lead to a diagnosis. For example, a person displays specific symptoms such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue that disrupts normal routines
  • Extreme mood changes
  • Irritability with social contact
  • Loss of libido

A person battling these symptoms might decide that seeing a Huntington Beach seasonal affective disorder therapy psychiatrist is necessary. In fact, moving past this level of depression may not be easy alone.

Seeing a Huntington Beach Seasonal Affective Disorder Therapy Psychiatrist

Helping someone with a mental health condition does not come in a one-size-fits-all solution. After diagnosis, a Huntington Beach seasonal affective disorder therapy psychiatrist can offer a few options.

Specifically, a person with SAD might respond well to antidepressants. These medications may prove most helpful to the person with intense symptoms. It could take several weeks before they begin feeling the effects of prescribed medications. Receiving medication-assisted therapy during this time is essential. A psychiatrist can guide the person through the process.

Another option is psychotherapy, which is helpful in identifying negative thinking and behavior patterns. Therefore, sessions allow a person to learn how to positively cope with symptoms. Techniques may include relaxation exercises that help the person restore lost energy.

A dialectical behavior therapy program is a type of cognitive therapy. Moreover, the focus of these therapy sessions is on balancing change and acceptance. Validating pain and suffering is necessary to show the person ways to make appropriate changes.

Get Help from Our Huntington Beach Seasonal Affective Disorder Therapy Psychiatrist

It’s normal to feel down some days, whether during winter or summer months. However, avoiding once enjoyable activities isn’t normal. The seriousness heightens when you notice extreme behavior changes such as feeling hopeless or having suicidal thoughts. These may be signs that you need to see a Huntington Beach seasonal affective disorder therapy psychiatrist.

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