Panic is the most extreme form of anxiety that a person can experience. In fact, they may feel confused, behave irrationally, or have a sense of terror from a perceived threat. If you’re experiencing frequent episodes, you may wish to speak with a Huntington Beach panic attack therapy psychiatrist.

Understanding Panic AttacksHuntington Beach panic attack therapy and Orange County panic attack therapy psychiatrist

While a panic attack may be overwhelming and stressful, it’s also unpredictable and can come on suddenly. Moreover, this is possible even if the anxiety leading to the attack was present for a long time.

Generally, an attack may last for a short time. However, a person may have one during their lifetime or several times a day. Causes of a panic attack are not clear, although evidence suggests some people are genetically predisposed to panic. Furthermore, some medical conditions may cause a panic attack

Obvious triggers such as a memory, place, or frightening event may lead to a panic attack. However, one may occur for no reason until therapy reveals an explanation.

When to See A Huntington Beach Panic Attack Therapy Psychiatrist

The frightening and upsetting nature of a panic attack is unsettling. Moreover, experiencing sudden, extreme fear and discomfort may be too much for a person to handle. Severe physical symptoms might make a person believe they are having a heart attack. Therefore, they go to the hospital when they really need to see a Huntington Beach panic attack therapy psychiatrist.

Recognizing common sensations and experiences is helpful to getting proper care as soon as possible. For example, a person may experience symptoms such as:

  • Frightening thoughts, including thoughts about death
  • Belief they are losing a sense of reality
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sensations of choking
  • Nausea, dizziness and fainting
  • Chest pain, heart palpitations
  • Muscle tension

What to Expect from a Huntington Beach Panic Attack Therapy Psychiatrist

A person who finds their daily activities limited by panic attacks may want to speak with a mental health professional. In fact, many types of therapy can address any underlying issues.

During therapy, the person can also learn imagery and relaxation techniques to use when a panic attack occurs. Specifically, these techniques may help to decrease the immediate physiological distress. They can also remove emotional fears.

Discussing these fears, which are usually irrational thoughts of dying or embarrassment, supports the therapeutic relationship. In addition, a psychiatrist provides a nonjudgmental environment to help the person get better.

There are different therapeutic approaches that a psychiatrist may apply. A behavioral approach emphasizes progressive exposure to panic-inducing situations. Cognitive or rational-emotive is an approach that helps a person alter negative thinking patterns and illogical beliefs.

A group therapy program Huntington Beach trusts is often just as effective for teaching relaxation and imagery techniques. For example, each person receives help in confronting their fears. The psychiatrist also challenges avoidance behaviors that cause them to stay in the panic cycle.

Reinforcing relaxation skills by encouraging daily exercises and assignments is an essential part of therapy. Confronting situations or sensations can help to remove patterns that contribute to a panic attack. Moreover, they have a greater chance of success through completing the expectations of therapy.

Get Help from Our Huntington Beach Panic Attack Therapy Psychiatrist

Panic attacks can have an emotional toll on a person. Simply remembering intense fear and terror impacts their self-esteem and disrupts their lives. Therefore, the adult mental health services at Huntington Beach Psychiatry offer therapy to help a person overcome these challenges. Our goal is to help them find their way back to overall healthy living.

People often express feelings of fear and anxiety to our Huntington Beach panic attack therapy psychiatrist. However, neglecting adequate care can lead to even more dramatic issues.

We provide a full spectrum of programs for panic attacks and other psychiatric disorders. For example, this includes:

Our goal is ensuring our clients receive what is appropriate for their journey to happiness and stability. If you are experiencing panic attacks, the time has come to stop suffering needlessly. In fact, contact us today at 866-334-6286 for flexible appointment options. We are ready to help you find a new beginning.