Suffering obsessive compulsive disorder keeps your life in a very tight space. Sadly, your unreasonable thoughts and fears lead you to repetitive behaviors that take time and energy away from more enjoyable aspects of your life. Moreover, even from people you love. You feel distanced, isolated, distressed, and controlled by your OCD. However, you can overcome your condition through an Orange County obsessive compulsive disorder therapy psychiatrist.

Why You Need Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Therapyorange county obsessive compulsive disorder therapy psychiatrist

No matter how hard you try, you cannot ignore your obsessive thoughts, fears, and compulsions. Furthermore, you are stuck in a never ending cycle of meeting your OCD’s needs.

In fact, your OCD is unique to you. Therefore, your obsessive compulsive disorder therapy must be unique to your individual needs. At Huntington Beach Psychiatry, caring professionals know how much OCD affects your life and they want to help you overcome it.

In fact, you cannot heal your mental illness on your own. Thinking you can delays getting the help you need.

Working with an Orange County obsessive compulsive disorder therapy psychiatrist works for many people. Additionally, it takes you out of the OCD cycle and helps you gain a healthier and more productive life. No one should sacrifice quality of life to the crippling fears, excessive worries, and compulsions of OCD.

What Does OCD Therapy Include?

OCD therapy starts with your physical exam at your doctor or Huntington Beach Psychiatry. This exam rules out other conditions or complications. For example, you undergo lab testing, possibly including a complete blood count, drug or alcohol screening, and a thyroid functioning check.

You also undergo a psychological or psychiatric evaluation. You talk about your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and symptoms with your psychologist or psychiatrist. Furthermore, family members or close friends share their concerns or observations about your condition.

Your doctor follows the professional criteria for diagnosing OCD. Therefore, arriving at your precise diagnosis sometimes takes time because other mental illnesses look similar to OCD. Good examples of these include obsessive compulsive personality disorder, depression, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, or other mental health issues. Sometimes people suffer both OCD and other mental illnesses, such as depression or anxiety.

Once your doctor establishes your diagnosis of OCD, you can begin seeking obsessive compulsive disorder therapy. This therapy does not guarantee a cure. However, it will help you manage your OCD and other mental illness. Through this help, you can rebuild your life and enjoy a more fulfilling future.

Your Huntington Beach Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Therapy Psychiatrisy

Your OCD therapy includes multiple therapies and medications. In addition, most people receive a combination of these for their best outcome. One particularly helpful type of therapy is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Of course, you do not just jump into this exposure. First you learn more about your OCD and how to manage your anxiety. However, if you take medication, you also gain some stability on that prescription before rushing too quickly into recovery.

Your therapy at Huntington Beach Psychiatry includes individual sessions of psychotherapy, as well as group or family sessions. Your doctors tailor treatment to your precise needs. For many people, antidepressant medication provides a good first step into OCD healing. Beyond therapy and medication are other potential treatments and studies your mental health team may recommend.

For example, Huntington Beach Psychiatry’s programs include:

You can gain a better life through an Orange County obsessive compulsive disorder therapy psychiatrist. Starting your treatment is easier than you think. Therefore, call now for the future you truly deserve, one of freedom from your symptoms. Call Huntington Beach Psychiatry at 866-334-6286 for your consultation.