Bipolar disorder can impact various parts of an individual’s personal life. Gaining an improved understanding of what it means to suffer from the condition can be helpful. After learning more about the condition, it will be easier to seek a professional Orange County bipolar disorder therapy psychiatrist.

Understanding Bipolar Disorder

Young teen girl in need of a orange county bipolar disorder therapy psychiatristWhile there are a variety of psychiatric disorders, bipolar disorder is a common mental illness. A person experiencing bipolar disorder will swing between two extreme emotional states. Sometimes, they may appear to be genuinely happy. At other times, they will struggle with severe depression. An individual with this condition can switch between these two poles at a moment’s notice without any corresponding event.

Signs and Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

Getting the right kind of bipolar disorder therapy also requires knowing how to see the signs of a problem. A person who is suffering from bipolar disorder may exhibit the following symptoms:

Experiencing Extreme Mood Swings

Rather than maintaining a relatively normal mood that fits in with external circumstances, a person with bipolar disorder may always be either extremely ecstatic or exceptionally depressed.

Engaging in Risky Actions

Risk-taking actions generally appear during the manic phases of bipolar disorder. During these phases, people may have a false sense of safety and security, causing them to engage in dangerous behavior.

Facing Eating or Sleeping Imbalances

During manic phases when people feel on top of the world, they may be more likely to have a decreased need for sleep or food. During the depressed state, however, they may actually sleep too much. People experiencing a low period can either eat very little or consume too much food. Therefore, issues with unusual amounts of weight gain or weight loss are common.

Problems Maintaining Relationships

Those with bipolar disorder may struggle to maintain normal relationships with others. This could include romantic partnerships, work relationships, or any other type of interaction with another person. Since their behaviors and emotional states are highly unpredictable, this can make normal relationship boundaries difficult to accept.

Having Difficulty Concentrating

Experiencing problems concentrating or remembering information can also be signs of a problem with bipolar disorder. Those struggling with this condition often have racing thoughts that can make it very hard to focus.

Reliable Huntington Beach Bipolar Disorder Therapy Psychiatrist Methods

Getting proper bipolar and Orange County depression therapy can involve many different factors. Depending on your needs, your bipolar disorder therapy could include cognitive behavioral therapy, medication, counseling, and other useful interventions.

Overcoming Bipolar Disorder Effects

Finding freedom from the devastation of bipolar disorder is well within your reach. High-quality Orange County mental health services can provide you with the helpful therapy you need to conquer this condition.

Getting professional bipolar disorder therapy shouldn’t be a complicated matter. As a part of the PACE Mental Health family, the mental health team at Huntington Beach Psychiatry has the knowledge, compassion, and expertise to meet the needs of all individuals suffering from a mental health condition.

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