We all face stressful events in our lives. However, some people can have more trouble adjusting to these events than others. The information below will talk about adjustment disorders. It will also discuss common adjustment disorder therapies that are available to you through our Orange County adjustment disorder therapy psychiatrist.

What Is an Adjustment Disorder?

orange county adjustment disorder therapy psychiatristAn adjustment disorder involves a prolonged or severe reaction to a typical life event. For instance, a person who can’t bounce back following a job loss or divorce may be suffering from this condition. Events don’t have to be negative to trigger an adjustment disorder. Rather, any life event that triggers major changes can lead to this condition.

Regardless of how this condition developed, it’s vital for individuals to seek comprehensive adjustment disorder treatment.

Common Signs of an Adjustment Disorder

Getting proper adjustment disorder therapy involves knowing how to recognize the condition. The list below covers several common signs of an adjustment disorder:

Abnormal Depression or Anxiety

Those who have trouble adjusting to life events may display unusual levels of anxiety and depression. These emotions won’t be consistent with what’s going on in the person’s daily life.

Physical Discomfort

Anxiety and other negative emotions can cause the body to feel various forms of discomfort. For example, a person with an adjustment disorder might continually complain of stomach cramps, headaches, or muscle pain.

Disturbing or Problematic Behavior

Those having issues with adjusting to life events can also display worrisome behavior. In some cases, this behavior can even cross the line into self-injurious or law-breaking activities.

Abnormal Social Behavior

Those with an adjustment disorder may not behave normally when they’re in social settings. They may act angry, belligerent, reclusive, or engage in otherwise noticeable actions that seem inconsistent with their setting.

Components of Adjustment Disorder Therapy

Adjustment disorder therapy often includes multiple elements. Some of the most effective include:

One-On-One Counseling

Individual counseling in a private setting can be helpful for those hesitant to openly discuss personal issues. It also allows the therapist to gain a better understanding of the patient’s specific issues.

Group and Family Counseling

Family counseling can often help the entire household understand their loved one’s condition. As a result, there may be much less tension among family members. Group therapy can allow for productive experiences to be shared with others who are facing similar challenges.

Behavior Modification

Behavior modification can help those struggling with an adjustment disorder to become aware of negative thought patterns. In doing so, they can change these thoughts and the behaviors that result from them.

Self-Help Groups

Self-help groups can encourage people facing an adjustment disorder to become more self-aware and self-sufficient over time.

Finding A Huntington Beach Adjustment Disorder Therapy Psychiatrist

Your mental health is an essential element of your overall well-being and life satisfaction. Therefore, it’s important to seek mental health care when a problem persists.

Orange County Mental Health services the needs of Orange County, California residents. By the use of both modern innovative techniques and classic therapy protocols, our mental health team has the experience needed to treat all psychiatric disorders with care and compassion.

You don’t have to remain under the control of a mental health condition. By gaining access to comprehensive care options, you can get relief from these problems. Call our Orange County Adjustment Disorder therapy psychiatrist today at 866-334-6286 to discover how adjustment disorder therapy can help you or your loved one start healing.