Social phobia is a mental health disorder that makes people afraid of social situations. Often confused with shyness, it causes intense, persistent fear and worry. Also known as social anxiety disorder, this condition can interrupt their daily life. However, they can still reach their full potential through a Huntington Beach social phobia therapy program.

Overwhelming fear is not the only thing that can wreak havoc on a person’s life. They also believe other people watch and negatively judge their every move. The severest cases can affect work and other day-to-day activities.

Situations become so frightening that simply thinking about meeting new people or getting a new job is unbearable. A person will go to great lengths to avoid such interactions. Feeling anxious is unavoidable even when they know their fears are somewhat irrational.

What Causes Social Phobia?Huntington Beach Social Phobia Therapy Program

Many people struggle with fears of being judged, scrutinized or embarrassed in public settings. However, situations that cause symptoms of social phobia can vary.

One person may feel they act or appear anxious in everyday social situations. Anxiety for another person happens when they mingle at parties or perform before an audience. Any of these situations can trigger social anxiety.

The person feels immense horror when they are the center of attention or being watched while doing something. Public activities such as using restrooms, eating or drinking in public can leave them powerless against their fears.

Symptoms That Someone Needs a Huntington Beach Social Phobia Therapy Program

Occasionally getting nervous in different situations does not mean a person needs a Huntington Beach social phobia therapy program. For example, having jitters before giving a speech is not uncommon. But instead of feeling nervous 30 minutes before the speech, social phobia makes a person worry weeks in advance.

A social anxiety therapy program helps when feeling self-conscious causes stress that interferes with their normal routine. Physical and behavioral symptoms manifest such as:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Silence or hiding in the background to escape being noticed
  • Trembling or shaking
  • Drinking to soothe nerves before a social situation
  • Racing heart

Help from a Huntington Beach Social Phobia Therapy Program

There are mental health services for a person who wants to overcome social anxiety. Seeking therapy is critical before long-term social phobia causes more mental health issues like depression. The right therapy program can greatly reduce anxiety in social settings and increase their quality of life.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is one remedy for this type of condition. The goal is allowing a person time to practice certain techniques to control physical symptoms. Sessions help them change negative, unhelpful thinking habits. They realize they can replace those thoughts with balanced views.

They also gradually learn how to face behave differently in situations that terrify them. Feelings of anxiety lessen as they prepare to face the real world.

Medications for a Huntington Beach Social Phobia Therapy Program

Medication is often helpful in relieving symptoms of social phobia but will not cure the disorder. It is most effective when used as part of therapy in addressing the cause of a person’s condition.

A Huntington Beach social phobia therapy program might include antidepressants. These are helpful when the disorder becomes severe and debilitating. Beta blockers may help to relieve performance anxiety by controlling sweating, shaky hands and a rapid heartbeat.

Could You Have Social Phobia Disorder?

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