Most people with a mental health disorder achieve healing and strength through participating in a Huntington Beach psychotherapy program. Moreover, there are different therapeutic options available. It’s simply a matter of choosing one or more solutions that work best.

Huntington Beach Psychotherapy Program for Cognitive Behavioral TherapyWas does our Huntington Beach psychotherapy program entail?

One form of psychotherapy is cognitive behavioral therapy, commonly known as CBT. This short-term form of behavioral therapy helps a person solve problems. Specifically, sessions also show relationships with beliefs, thoughts, and feelings that lead to certain behaviors. The person learns that perception can influence their responses to specific situations.

An example is a person with anxiety who believes that everything will turn out badly. Having negative thoughts can influence their focus and they block out thoughts or actions that might disprove their belief. When nothing appears to go right, their negative belief system might get stronger. Moreover, this could entrap them in a vicious cycle of anxiety.

CBT is a Huntington Beach psychotherapy program that offers a structured approach for each session. The person and their therapist focus on goals to make sure time spent is productive. Techniques in CBT incorporate different therapeutic tools to help a person evaluate their emotional patterns.

For example, some common techniques include:

  • Challenging beliefs
  • Exercises for becoming aware of social, physical and thinking patterns
  • Journaling
  • Mindfulness
  • Relaxation

Medication in a Huntington Beach Psychotherapy Program

It’s widely believed that mental illness symptoms come from chemical imbalances in a person’s brain. However, prescription medication can work to reduce symptoms caused by these imbalances. In some cases, medication can completely relieve the symptoms.

Knowing the benefits and potential side effects becomes part of a medication therapy management program. A person might also need Huntington Beach sleeping disorders therapy if their condition affects healthy sleep habits.

Anyone using medications as part of their psychotherapy plan must understand that this is not a cure. Rather, medications treat symptoms that may return if the person stops taking them.

Additionally, medications are usually part of an overall Huntington Beach psychotherapy program. Other parts of the healing plan may include peer programs and therapeutic sessions. In fact, these help problems that medication cannot treat alone.

The goal of medication therapy is to optimize use of prescriptions while improving a person’s outcomes. With that said, it takes a few weeks for some medicines to work. A person might deal with side effects before they begin to feel the benefits.

Using Integrative Body Therapy in a Huntington Beach Psychotherapy Program

Holistic approaches to healing have proven very beneficial for some people with mental disorders. Integrative body psychotherapy is one that infuses several modalities that increase awareness of how the body and mind relate. Furthermore, this form of therapy is beneficial for a range of physical and psychological concerns such as depression and chronic pain.

The goal of this therapeutic approach supports a person’s self-awareness path. To gain this level of insight, a person’s experiences are felt at their core. Specifically, this is where their mind, body, and spirit join to facilitate healing.

Identifying and addressing obstacles to a person’s well-being are the focal point of therapy sessions. Certain situations or triggers can lead to an unhealthy response and block the person’s pathway to mindfulness. A therapist helps the person recognize situations where these obstacles might occur.

They learn ways to avoid involuntary reactions and pursue healing and wholeness from their own inner wisdom. Additionally, the person learns coping mechanisms to alleviate symptoms during their Huntington Beach psychotherapy program.

Focus on Finding Solutions

While various forms of psychotherapy exist, the goal of any program is finding the solution for your needs. Even people who receive the same mental illness diagnosis may not respond the same to specific therapies. Therefore, Huntington Beach Psychiatry commits its services to helping you find positive change.

Every aspect of therapy is oriented for a broad range of psychiatric disorders. Our services focus on guiding you towards total mental wellness. We help you with making new choices, developing new perspectives, and coping skills to overcome challenges. For example, Huntington Beach Psychiatry offers services that include:

  • Outpatient mental and behavioral health
  • Traditional psychiatric therapy
  • Psychiatric evaluation and consultation
  • Medication-assisted care
  • Medication therapy management

Don’t let a mental health disorder keep you from the life you deserve. In fact, call us today at 866-334-6286 to learn more about our Huntington Beach psychotherapy program.