Mental illness can affect a person’s feelings, thoughts, behavior, and physical health. Symptoms can also become severe enough to interfere with that person’s lifestyle. Fortunately, individual therapy can change disruptive behavior patterns while improving relationships with family and friends.

As a member of the PACE Mental Health family, Huntington Beach Psychiatry specializes in covering an array of psychiatric disorders and behavioral challenges. Our one-on-one consultations occur in a safe and non-judgmental setting. We employ a range of techniques designed to target whatever blocks patients from having a full life.

Using Individual Therapy to Work Toward Real Solutions

Man participating in individual therapy with woman therapistMeeting with a therapist isn’t simply talking about problems. It’s about working toward real solutions that promote healthy living. Overall, the purpose is to help the person overcome mental health challenges and start healing. The duration of therapeutic health and counseling services depends on the severity of their condition.

Some individual therapy sessions may involve patients reporting on their mood throughout the week. The therapist may encourage them to write about their thoughts. Talking through these issues opens the door for looking at things differently. A person can learn new ways to react to certain situations or people.

Focusing on past issues during therapy may reveal underlying circumstances that caused certain mental illnesses to develop. Analyzing these issues helps explain current thoughts, feelings, and situations. Individuals can prepare for their future when they deal honestly with the cause of their condition.

People receive emotional support during counseling at Huntington Beach Psychiatry. Our licensed professionals help them work toward resolving issues. We help people understand their feelings while finding new solutions to old problems.

Individual Therapy Helps People Who Want More Out of Life

Battling mental health issues such as anxiety or depression can be exhausting. Finding a safe space to work through life-altering conditions can improve the person’s outlook.

Individual therapy can help patients:

  • Define and develop a plan to reach wellness goals
  • Cope with stress
  • Identify triggers that make symptoms worse
  • Develop a plan to cope with a crisis
  • Overcome insecurities and fears

One-on-one counseling sessions may also help patients establish a dependable routine. Doing so may give them a sense of control over their life. Talking with a therapist helps them understand why certain situations bother them more than others.

During individual therapy, patients have a chance to make sense of past traumatic experiences that make life hard. These sessions also bring clarity about their true personality, which is separate from the moods their condition causes.

Getting the Most Out of Individual Counseling

Feeling safe and secure during individual therapy is critical. Unless patients believe they can truly open up, treatment won’t be successful.

In the beginning, it’s probably helpful if the person makes a list of the issues that bother them. Much of this is discussed during the initial assessment, but a list can empower the person. They are taking an active role in getting better.

Life Is Meant to be Enjoyed

Huntington Beach Psychiatry provides the mental health services you need and deserve while you confront behavioral and mental health problems. Our top priority is restoring happiness and well-being.

We know you want to break free from the condition that is interrupting your life. Our purpose is to help you develop healthy coping skills while teaching you better ways to respond to challenging situations.

Our Orange County mental health services offer therapy for a variety of psychiatric disorders, including:

  • Bipolar disorder
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Eating disorders
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Social phobia

Mental illness can wreak havoc on your mind, spirit, and body. Relationships that mean the most to you can also be destroyed without effective therapy. Let the mental health team at Huntington Beach Psychiatry remind you that there is hope.

Don’t hesitate to get your life back on track. Call us today at (866) 334-6286 so we can show you how individual therapy at Huntington Beach Psychiatry can help.