If you suffer trauma and now deal with obstacles in daily life due to your emotional distress and mental health symptoms, an EMDR therapy program can help. Moreover, this amazing psychotherapy helps people heal from serious past events and even PTSD. In a short time frame, you can heal in ways that usually requires years of therapy.

Why an EMDR Therapy Program WorksEMDR Therapy Program benefits

EMDR works for your brain just like physical healing happens in your body. For example, if you suffer a stabbing or receive wounds because of a foreign object, your body does not fully heal until a surgeon removes that object. Therefore, you feel pain until the object comes out and your body resumes healing itself.

The same holds true for healing from mental trauma using EMDR. In fact, your brain’s instinctive survival mechanism keeps you from healing by keeping you in a state of emergency. EMDR removes the block your mind forms to protect your survival, just as surgery removes a foreign object after physical trauma.

As you can see, an EMDR therapy program makes great sense. How the brain heals and removes its block through EMDR is quite interesting. In fact, EMDR actually involves use of eye movements in a short series of therapy sessions with a EMDR therapist. You can gain healing from serious PTSD in between three to 12 sessions, as more than 30 studies prove.

How You Gain Help from an EMDR Therapy Program

Your EMDR therapy program at Huntington Beach Psychiatry in Southern California includes eight phases. The first phase involves eye movement stimulation while you recall specific memories. Specifically, Harvard research indicates this memory recall and eye movement relate to the same biological responses of REM sleep. This makes you process your memory and traumatic feelings with your therapist.

In EMDR therapy, you focus your attention on three time periods. These include your past, present, and future. The past consists of your trauma and the memories that disturb you. Then, you focus on current situations that cause you stress. In addition, you develop coping skills for these present stressors, building strength and positivity for your future.

Your first session in therapy starts with the therapist learning about your history. From your explanation of your past, present problems and needs, the therapist builds a therapeutic plan. Furthermore, your therapist targets specific memories for EMDR. For some people, the focus starts on childhood events, then recent trauma.

For one or more therapy sessions, the actual EMDR processing takes place. This involves you talking about your most vivid visual images of your trauma. Moreover, you also explore how this relates to negative images of yourself. Then you explain the emotions you feel in thinking about these problems and how your body feels.

To help you heal, the therapist guides you into positive thoughts and uses eye movements, taps, or tones to stimulate your brain in specific areas.

After all eight phases, people leave the EMDR therapy program feeling empowered by their survival strength, instead of damaged by the traumatic events. Additionally, you feel strong and emotionally balanced after this therapy.

Where to Find EMDR Therapy in Orange County

In Orange County, your EMDR therapy takes place at Huntington Beach Psychiatry. We treat a wide range of psychiatric disorders, such as providing depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, or Orange County ADHD therapy.

For example, programs and services of Huntington Beach Psychiatry include:

If you or someone you love suffers recent or childhood trauma, there is hope for healing and return to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling daily life. Call Huntington Beach Psychiatry for more information about EMDR therapy and other mental health services at 866-334-6286.