In times past, professionals treated substance abuse and mental health disorders as two separate issues. However, behavioral health professionals now realize that these issues often overlap. In particular, dual diagnosis treatment brings enormous benefits to both mental health challenges and addiction issues.

What Does It Mean to Have a Dual Diagnosis?

Mental health professional providing dual diagnosis treatmentBefore seeking high-quality dual diagnosis treatment, it’s vital to learn what it means to have this condition. A dual diagnosis describes a situation where a person faces mental health and addiction challenges at the same time. No matter which problem developed first, the fact that they both exist together can create severe symptoms that are difficult to overcome without comprehensive care.

Is a Dual Diagnosis Common?

Statistics from recent surveys show that just under eight million adults and adolescents in our country have a dual diagnosis at any given time. Clearly, this has become a huge problem warranting in-depth treatment protocols geared toward providing essential relief.

How to See the Signs of a Co-Occurring Condition

Getting the best kind of dual diagnosis treatment requires an ability to see the signs of psychiatric disorders and addiction. The following list elaborates on a few of the most common symptoms of co-occurring conditions:

Social Withdrawal

It’s common for people struggling with addiction or mental illness to want to be alone. They may stop spending time with loved ones. When they’re around others, they may not act like themselves.

Neglecting Work and Family Responsibilities

Maintaining job, family, and home responsibilities can be next to impossible when individuals deal with addiction and mental illness. Even simple acts like running errands can be extremely anxiety-provoking.

Emotional Dependence on a Substance

When individuals struggle with addiction or mental health conditions, they may feel like they can’t function normally without addictive substances. This type of emotional reliance on a drug is a huge red flag.

Struggling with Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms can be physical, emotional, or mental when a person tries to cut back on using an addictive substance. They’re also a leading reason why many people have such a hard time breaking free from an addiction.

Effective Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Since co-occurring conditions are prevalent in our country, there are now a wide array of effective management tools. A dual diagnosis treatment plan can include therapeutic health and counseling services, medication therapy management, and other intensive interventions. Most people experience the greatest benefit from using a combination of these approaches.

Choosing an Ideal Mental Health Clinic

Trying to select a mental health clinic that can provide evidence-based dual diagnosis treatment may seem like a daunting challenge. However, with a little insight and planning, you can locate experienced professionals who can meet your needs in an efficient manner.

As part of PACE Mental Health, Huntington Beach Psychiatry is a high-quality psychiatric clinic designed to meet the needs of those dealing with a complex dual diagnosis. Providing a variety of Orange County mental health services in a peaceful environment, our professionals can help you to begin to heal from these painful conditions.

Don’t let a mental health condition negatively influence your life for years to come. Reach out for the professional assistance you need to address these important issues. Call (866) 334-6286 to find out how Huntington Beach Psychiatry can help you get your life back on track through comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment.