When you or someone you love struggles with mental or behavioral health issues, daily living can feel unbearable. Fortunately for Orange County residents, there’s hope. At Huntington Beach Psychiatry, our multidisciplinary Orange County mental health services give patients the resources to begin a new life.

About Huntington Beach Mental Health Services

Man thriving after receiving Orange County Mental Health servicesAt Huntington Beach Psychiatry, we help patients overcome a variety of mental health challenges with mental health therapies including:

Individuals who struggle with these conditions might be apprehensive about seeking therapy. Sadly, society places a negative stigma on many of these issues, which may dissuade people from seeking help altogether. While there’s no shortage of mental health therapy options, some clinics simply lack the resources to offer adequate help.

However, for Orange County, California residents, help is available right around the corner. Our Orange County mental health services feature comprehensive care, short wait times, and flexible appointment scheduling to guarantee that individuals get the help they need as soon as possible.

Medication-Assisted Options

While individual talk therapy provides a solid foundation for healing, sometimes it isn’t enough. As part of our intensive therapeutic health and counseling services, Huntington Beach Psychiatry offers medication assisted treatment (MAT).

Along with helping patients overcome mental health challenges, we’ve also found that MAT is effective in helping individuals overcome co-occurring substance use disorder. In some cases, substances impact the brain and aid in the development of psychiatric disorders. However, many people with a mental health disorder diagnosis use drugs or alcohol in an effort to cope. Regardless of why patients started using, quitting cold turkey is dangerous due to agonizing withdrawal symptoms.

Regain Stability with Our Huntington Beach Mental Health Services

At Huntington Beach Psychiatry, our mental and behavioral health specialists treat patients with the respect and dignity they deserve as they seek lasting change. Our compassionate mental health clinic in Orange County offers:

  • Psychiatric evaluation and consultation
  • Individual and group therapy designed to address all psychiatric disorders
  • Comprehensive medication therapy management
  • Suboxone and Vivitrol therapy

As you undergo our life-changing Orange County mental health services, we’ll teach you about your specific condition and how to respond to certain triggers. Through stress and anger management training, you’ll begin to develop valuable coping skills in order to deal with life’s obstacles. Eventually, you’ll discover how to avoid negative behaviors before they start. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll have a strong support system that will be available long after therapy is complete.

If you or someone you love is in need of Orange County mental health services, look no further than Huntington Beach Psychiatry. Call us today at (866) 334-6286 to make an appointment.