You have a health insurance policy under Cigna and need mental health guidance, support, and help. So how do you use your benefits for a Cigna psychiatrist in Huntington Beach, CA? Does your policy recognize mental health needs? Do you need a psychiatrist, or should you see your general practice doctor for this help?

Does my Cigna Policy Pay for Psychiatric Services?Cigna Psychiatrist in Huntington Beach.

Most health insurance today covers a broad range of health services. In addition, recent law changes under the Mental Health Parity Act balanced your benefits for mental health and physical health care. This means your policy allows Cigna mental health coverage for seeing a psychiatrist.

With these benefits for seeing a Cigna psychiatrist in Huntington Beach, you have no reason to stop yourself from this care by a highly qualified psychiatrist. Additionally, this type of doctor accurately diagnoses and provides therapy for your mental health condition.

Your regular doctor has the right to prescribe anti-depressants or other medication. But only psychiatrists undergo two extra years of mental health training, on top of medical school. So you should not risk an incorrect diagnosis or the wrong medications for your needs by avoiding mental health care. Your psychiatrist works with your primary care doctor, by keeping that practitioner updated on your mental health needs and therapy options.

Through a team approach to your mental and physical health needs, you gain your best overall wellness. At the same time, you start living and enjoying a happier, healthier life. Your family benefits from this help, too. Together you all gain the understanding of your actual mental condition and the steps toward wellness for yourself and your entire household.

Signs You Need a Cigna Psychiatrist in Huntington Beach

As you watch people around you, you see that you struggle to live as they do. Specifically, with mental illness, you suffer daily challenges to even the simplest aspects of life. Many such signs exist, for showing you need help from a Cigna psychiatrist in Huntington Beach. These signs include:

  • Your primary care doctor wants to prescribe psychiatric medication
  • Your mental health does not improve under other doctors’ care
  • Antidepressants do not work
  • The suffering of mental health side effects

Maybe you need Huntington Beach sleep therapy. Furthermore, maybe your depression or anxiety rules your daily life. Whatever your mental health struggle, your Cigna psychiatrist in Huntington Beach provides the diagnosis, consultation, medication and therapy you need for a better life.

Using Your Cigna Benefits in Huntington Beach

Your Cigna benefits exist for your best health. Sometimes you fear challenges from your insurance company, which make getting the help you need difficult. But your insurance company actually benefits when you suffer fewer physical and mental health problems. So getting the help you need helps them, too.

This is why you should not hesitate to use your coverage for a Cigna psychiatrist in Huntington Beach at Huntington Beach Psychiatry. Moreover, through this help, you gain individualized therapy and support you and your family need.

For example, programs and services of Huntington Beach Psychiatry include:

To start seeing a Cigna psychiatrist in Huntington Beach at Huntington Beach Psychiatry, call us today. In fact, you can reach us now at 866-334-6286. Schedule your first visit and gain the diagnosis and therapy you need for your best mental health.