As you begin your search for a new Anthem psychiatrist in Huntington Beach, you are likely nervous about seeking this specialized help. So it helps to look beyond stigmas to understand that psychiatrists are doctors specializing in mental health. Like any doctor, they work to help you overcome health problems. They provide objective mental health help without judgment or criticism.

So how do you know if you need the help of an Anthem psychiatrist in Huntington Beach? How does this help differ from other medical doctors’ care or treatment by a psychologist?

When do you Need an Anthem Psychiatrist in Huntington Beach?Anthem Psychiatrist in Huntington Beach.

Using your Anthem health insurance for psychiatry is a big step forward in your mental wellness. That is, if you need this specialized care.

Psychiatrists go to medical school like other doctors, but gain two years’ additional education in mental health. A psychiatrist understands both psychology and the chemistry and structure of your brain. They use this advanced medical knowledge and experience to diagnose mental health conditions and prescribe medications. Through this medical approach, they help you gain balanced mental health.

This differs from a psychologist’s education and experience. A psychologist is a therapist, but does not possess a medical school education. They focus on psychology without the ability to prescribe medication.

If you suffer a mental illness, your Anthem psychiatrist in Huntington Beach helps you understand the causes and nature of that illness. They provide accurate diagnosis and a treatment plan designed to help you gain better mental health. After all, your brain chemistry and mental wellness are fragile aspects of the human condition. So you need the specialized help of a psychiatrist, since they focus only on mental health treatment and provide expert care in their field that other doctors or psychologists cannot.

Specific Signs of Your Need for a Psychiatrist

Beyond your general need for a psychiatrist’s help, other signs point to clear need for specialized mental health treatment. These signs of needing an Anthem psychiatrist in Huntington Beach include:

  • When you need psychiatric medication
  • When you suffer a dual diagnosis
  • If you do not see mental improvement under your general doctor’s care
  • If antidepressants do not fix your mental condition
  • When you experience mental side effects
  • For psychiatric medication changes
  • When you do not agree with your regular doctor’s treatment

Your general practice doctor can prescribe antidepressants or other medication for mental health problems. But only a psychiatrist knows the symptoms of depression, versus those of other conditions. The last thing you want is medication or treatment not meeting your actual needs. In the same way, a psychiatrist does not treat you for diseases like cancer or a broken arm, despite having the medical education to do so.

Using Your Anthem Coverage for Your Best Mental Health

Your Anthem insurance policy likely provides the benefits you need for overall wellness, both mentally and physically. These benefits exist for your best health. This makes getting the help of an Anthem psychiatrist easier, less costly and the right choice for your future. Services provided at Huntington Beach Psychiatry using your Anthem mental health coverage include:

For your best mental health, contact an Anthem psychiatrist in Huntington Beach at Huntington Beach Psychiatry. Call 866-334-6286 to schedule your first visit and gain the diagnosis you need for your best mental health.